Amway Nutrilite Bone Health With Ipriflavone 60 N (Capsules)

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NUTRILITE® Bone Health with Ipriflavon – The Bone builder.

Strong, healthy bones depend on a person’s bone mineral density. The greater the bone density, the stronger the bone structure. We reach our maximum bone strength by our early twenties. From the mid-thirties we slowly start losing calcium from bones. So it is ideal, especially for women above 30 years of age to prevent bone mass loss & retain calcium.

NUTRILITE Bone Health with Ipriflavone contains:

Ipriflavone – For greater bone mineral density.

– Helps increase bone calcium retention.

– Aids in new bone cells formation

– May help inhibit bone mass loss when taken with calcium.

Vitamin D – for Calcium Processing.

– Helps stimulate dietary absorption of calcium from intestine to blood stream.

– Helps in calcium metabolism.

Chicory Root Extract – For additional nutritional benefits.

– Helps maintain bone mass & in calcium absorption.

NUTRILITE® Bone Health with Ipriflavone helps to – Maximize bone mineral density by increasing bone calcium retention. Helps in new bone cells formation. Better absorption & metabolism of calcium & Inhibits bone loss, when taken with calcium.



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